Blue Flower

Some words about myself:



My Name is Sven, born in May 1980 in the City of Waiblingen east of Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, South Germany. So i am a original native "Schwäbisch" speaker ;-)

My way to Amateur Radio was typical for the 90's. There were no cellphones and i wanted to talk to my best friend Jürgen (now licenced as DL5BB). After i moved into a deep & dark valley we lived a few km's away from each other and so we bought some cheap "dnt Formel 1" 40 Channel FM CB Radios. During the next years we had only a handfull of contacts because my QTH was the worst place you could imagine for getting HF contacts on 11m (or any other frequency) and so i didn't get out with my small 4 Watts (also a 200W PA didn't help). But there i got infected by the HF virus. I found new friends on CB Radio and was fascinated from radio contacts.

I changed transceivers and antennas a few times, loved to get transceivers with the frequency shown in the display, put a A99 vertical in a tree in the garden (with 50m RG213 - i think only 1-2 Watts EIRP in real) and made my first "DX" contacts when the band was open (during 1995 and 1999). I never understood what was going on there, i thought it was the fog outside or good weather...

I got in contact with Ham Radio a few times, visited a my first ham shack... but i noticed i had to learn CW for getting a shortwave licence (and this was the only way - VHF/UHF was never so interesting to me). Oh my god... da di da... never... (ok... i changed my opinion later...)

In 1997 i started a job training at the Sony Wega Company in Fellbach near Stuttgart as a Communication Electronic with functional direction in Radio Technology. I learned a lot about electronic, but nothing about what i thought radio technology is. Anyhow i passed the 3.5 years training and had a very nice job in the Refurbishing Department there.

In 2001 i met my YL Katja, and in 2004 i changed the employer, changed to Metrohm, a company which offers high class analytical measuring instruments, world leader in titration instruments. Now i worked as a service technician there. Kati and i got married in 2006 in her beautiful hometown Erfurt. In 2007 we decided to make a new start because of private reasons, and we left Stuttgart, where we lived. I changed the work, but not the company, and i am now working as a Field Service Technician at our customer's sites. For this, we moved near the City Würzburg in Franconia (northern Bavaria). In 2009 we moved again, bought our house here in Obereisenheim (Locator JN59CV, with enough space for antenna's). Since 2016 i am specialized in our Titration and Spectroscopy instruments and working only around Frankfurt (120-160km from here, each day). My main customers are pharmaceutical, chemical and quality control laboratories, beside maintenance and repairs i do qualifications under GMP standards.

In 2009 Jürgen asked me if i want to have some old CB Radios... i thought it's too bad to throw them away... and then the HF virus got me again. I met another old friend of mine, Tom, on the air again and he pushed me to think about making the licence. So i decided to learn for it and pass the tests.

I passed the licence test to Class E in October 2009 in Nürnberg and got the Callsign DO1TKS. After that i was sure to learn again, making the "big" licence Class A. And so, nearly one year later, i was in Nürnberg again and passed the Class A test with 52/52 questions correctly (103%). A point of duty with my work's education.

Since October 2010 i hold the Callsign DL3SG and try to be QRV as much as i can. As an avid DX'er i try to collect all possible DXCCs at least on one band. Therefore i sometimes sit in the Shack for hours, in the nights, in the early mornings or during the day and try to break the Pileup's of rare DXpeditions. After 7 years i broke the 300 DXCC wall and am now on the way to honor roll (it will take a lot of time, but it's my intention to reach it)

Since July 2015 i hold the educational callsign DN3CQ and contest call DM6M. In August 2016 i changed my personal callsign to DM5EM because it is much easier to send in CW, which became a main working mode, beside FT8. The first 299 DXCCs i got were in SSB mode only... im possible to raise my DXCC number in phone during the suncycle bottom.

At least i want to thank God that i have two beautiful children - my son Tobias was born in February 2008, and my daughter Sarah Liv was born in January 2012. Sometimes you could hear them in the background - maybe they want to step into my hobby in the future.


73 de Sven, DM5EM