Blue Flower



This week i made my first steps into the JT65 Mode. I just had to set up my complete PC Sound settings and also a lot of things on the TS590, and had to add a Cable from the Soundcard's Microphone input to the TS590 Headphones output.

I downloaded the JT65-HF Software from W6CQZ and installed it. After that i had to set up a few things in the software:

Sound input device - USB Audio from my TS590

Sound output device - USB Audio to my TS590

-> fine thing, the USB Audio driver from Kenwood, safes a lot of cables in the shack

Also i had to set up the PTT control to None and enable HRD v.5. Inside Ham Radio Deluxe (i use the Version) i had to go into the DM780 Digital Master Settings and switch on "PTT or VOX via soundcard" -> without this i had to press a button on the TS590 Frontpanel to transmit - how boring... so the software could TX automatically.

On the TS590 i made some Menu settings:

Menu 63: USB

Menu 64 and 65: 4

Menu 68: on (don't know if it's necessary but it works)

Menu 69: on

Menu 70: 50

Menu 71: 4

Menu 79: 205 (for transmit with button PF A, but now the soundcard does it)


Now, just because i needed some time to find this info: to receive JT65 Signals your TRX needs to be in USB Mode on every band (frequencys are fixed by the JT65 software), also on the lowbands.

After all that trying (took nearly two evenings) i made my first contacts answering cq calls. Today i heard VK7TR on 40m and got him on the first call. Actually the propagation on the lowbands sounds terrible, so i wondered that it worked and he heard me, because on SSB it was impossible to hear such DX stations this evening.

Maybe i try some more Digimodes now - it's a perfect way to make silent contacts during holiday. I think about using my Laptop and my TRX in the caravan without disturbing my family and neighbours...