Blue Flower

My Ham Radio Projects:


On this part of my homepage i want to present you some projects (hardware, antenna's etc.) which i did over the years.


Here's a modify i did to my Yaesu Rotor Controllers - simply made a rotor map out of NS6T's site (google for him) and fit it to the original size of the rotor controller. Then i opened the instrument, dismanteled the complete rotor mechanics out of the housing, put away the plexiglas screen and fit the map to the metal plate (i fixed the paper to the 3 screwing points. There is a how-to-do list from cqmaps who shows the same ;-)


Map not fixed is ok, but not so nice...

So here it is:


Another thing i did this year is building a remote antenna switch. I found some nice parts from (OK2ZAW) on the ham radio fair in Friedrichshafen.

Here's the switch for 6 to 1 antennas:

And i built a small switch housing for my controller in the shack: