Blue Flower

Here is my setup of antennas (picture from 2016 but mostly actual)


2m: 10 Element Koni Yagi

6m: 5 Element Jaybeam Yagi (above 2m, both turned by a Yaesu G-800 rotator)

10 to 20m: Optibeam 9-5

30, 40, 80m: homebrew scrap material HF2V

80 - 30m (and above): Symetrical Dipole (Double Zepp) 2x21m


Antennas are the main key to the world. So every Ham Radio Operator changes and changes... Optimizing the antenna forest is a neverending story...

My first antenna was a FD-4. After that the house got "upgraded" with a X-200 from Diamond and an Eco HF-8B. Also a 80m Inverted V Dipol was used.

Then i changed the antennas again and mounted a AV-620 and a X-510. The 80m Inverted V Dipol got a 40m extension.

Because the 40/80m Dipol was no good combination (the 40m didn't work because it was too near to the 80m wire, but 80 was ok) i bought a Butternut HF-2V. A nice Antenna, but at this point in the garden it was nearly useless... but you never stop learning. 40m was a "problem band" for me for years, i never found a suitable antenna.

In January 2012 i picked up my new "toy" directly from the factory - a OPTIBEAM 9-5! 

The mounting in the drive was easy - the winter was a warm one, and so i could premount it easily.

In the mid of March 2012 i rent a 7.5to crane to put the beam on the roof. The tubing is 5.5m long (6cm diameter) and we had ca. 5cm to put it in the roof from top. The crane beeped with overload, but we had to do this... it took 6 hours to mount it compeletly (including dismounting the old AV-620). My both helpers were DL5BB & DK9NCX. I asked a few other guys before, but you couldn't believe what they all had to do... "Ham Spirit" looks different...

At the end of the day the OB 9-5 was on the rooftop, ready to expand my DXCC status from day to day. What a pleasure to work with this Beam. I know, there are bigger one's on the market, but this one is one of the best for my size of house.

At least a necessary thing when mounting a beam antenna: Please fix the screw which fixes the torque tube with your beam on it to the Rotor on the lower end. Use a locknut to prevent going out on the roof at 10°C and mid wind in a rain pause... it makes no fun, only weak legs... This "accident" happened after the CQWW Contest 2013 (thanks god for after, not during or before it) - the rotor couldn't turn the beam anymore because the fixing screw was fallen out of their hole.

In the garden i raised a new "toy", a GAP Voyager DX.

The GAP Voyager DX covers 160 to 40 (20) meters and has a height of 13.5m.

I sold the antenna in  August 2015 because i didn't use the 160m and 20m part. For 40 & 80 there are smaller antennas for the neighbours eyes ;-)