Blue Flower

My actual rig is an Apache Labs Anan 7000 DLE - imported directly from India which safed me a lot of money.

I wouldn't miss a SDR in my shack - there's nothing better than a 27" wide waterfall display and the ability to connect it easily to all the programms you need in a modern shack such as a logging program (i use Log4OM), CW Skimmer, WSJT-X, Fldigi, N1MM...


Some older rigs i had in the past:


Expert Electronics SunSDR 2pro - a very nice and tiny TRX with HF + 2m onboard... sadly only 15 Watts which needed a extra amplifier - after i had 3 of them damaged in a row, i decided to sell the rig.


Elecraft K3 and KX3 - both nearly full equiped - both are very nice and good rigs i could recommend.


Yaesu FT-DX3000: A great and nice rig, unfortunatelly no second RX in it but it made a lot of fun, also it was the reason i started CW in the time of VP8STI/VP8SGI and VK0EK.

...and some Pictures from the nice display - S-Meter as bargraph with scope, scope with waterfall and S-Meter analog with scope / waterfall / audio spectrum



Yaesu FT 2000 (100W Version). My first TRX with two receivers, and it's a big big feature for pileup's. You couldn't imagine how much time this extra RX will safe you. You could hear the DX station you are calling for and also the pileup and you could easily search for the stations the DX calls and call at the same frequency. I tested it at the first day i had the Yaesu, it took me one call for S9TF and 3min for FT5ZM on 12m. It makes fun. It is also the biggest rig i ever had (and it weights 17.5kg) so it's a 100% station transceiver and nothing to take with into holiday. I also love watching a analog S-Meter. Maybe, when money allows it, i will buy one again. And i know, some may say a FT1000 is better, but i compared both... in my opinion the FT2000 gives you more fun.



This was my Kenwood TS590. It's a small & lightweight and very easy to use TRX. I loved it, expecially the good RX. I only missed a second RX for the pileups.


Before that i had a Icom 7400 TRX. But i could't find a single picture of it. It covered 160 to 2 meters. The 2 meter part also put out 100 Watts, so it was a really good "Single TRX" for my small shack. But after 2 years i wanted a better RX on HF and decided to buy the TS590.


My first TRX was a Yaesu FT 990. An old, but also very good one. I loved playing around with it. It also survived a big thunderstorm in 2011 when my shack (in the basement) was flooded. I still miss the analog S-Meter. It had all filters in, but the roller fan (too old to get a new one) was noisy - i worked 1,5 years with a open housing and a pc 12v fan.