Blue Flower

It's great fun to do QSO's mobile or even portable in holiday or on a fieldday.

You notice, i have only Skoda cars :-))) They're great - cheaper than a VW with the same technique inside. All are company cars, and i am lucky that i could use them for mobile HF also (but no one hole is drilled, all equipment must be removeable within a few minutes without damage... after all the years, no problem to take care of this.

In my car i have a YAESU FT-857D TRX (makes 100 Watts on HF output) with one optional Filter mounted, TX extended.

Skoda Kodiaq from 04/2017 on:

Skoda Superb I

Antenna's are a CR-77 from Diamond and a HFX-20 from Diamond (i also have a HFX-40)

Portable with a 8 ele Jaybeam 2m Antenna in 2010 near the baltic sea.

At this time i had a Icom 7000 for mobile HF in my car. For VHF/UHF i used a Yaesu FT-7800.

Older car, but we still have the same caravan for holidays - a Knaus Südwind 550 TKM. I love traveling around with it!

Sarah was helping me adjusting the 20-10m Vertical (endfeed so i have to tune the capacitor, she pressed the PTT and i watched the SWR). It was in 2013 in holiday in IK3