Blue Flower

My QSL Policy:

It's a great fun and pleasure to exchange Paper QSL cards.

You could send me a card via the bureau or direct (info on You don't need to put a IRC or $$ in the envelope. I only need the adress where to send mine.

I also upload my logs to eQSL, LOTW and Clublog, but not regulary (from time to time).


During the years i used different cards to confirm a QSO:


So here you could see mine since 2009:

The first one, in November 2009 (ca. 100 pcs)

The second one, in summer 2010 (500 pcs)

The actual one, showing a ladybeetle at Ales Stenar in Sweden during our honeymoon travel in 2006.

I used this one over a few months and still have thousands of them, showing our house in the last real winter in 2012 with a lot of snow ;-)