Blue Flower

My QSL Policy:

It's a great fun and pleasure to exchange Paper QSL cards. Since 2010 i'm QSL-manager of my local DARC chapter B18 (and chairman, but the qsl job is more fun).

You could send me a card via the bureau or direct (info on You don't need to put a IRC or $$ in the envelope. I only need the adress where to send mine.

I also upload my logs to LOTW and Clublog. No eQSL because of the circumstantial process of confirming when the time of the qso is not within their very small time window. Did this for hours, then i found it was a waste of time...

During the years i used different cards to confirm a QSO:


So here you could see my cards since 2009:

The first one, in November 2009 (ca. 100 pcs)

The second one, in summer 2010 (500 pcs)

The most beautiful one, showing a ladybeetle at Ales Stenar in Sweden during our honeymoon travel in 2006.

I used this one over a few months and still have thousands of them, showing our house in the last real winter in 2012 with a lot of snow ;-)


The first card with my new callsign is this one:


CQWW SSB 2017 with friends